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    We close the gap between technology innovation from Silicon Valley and adoption in the political sector.

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    We bridge the gap between technology strategies and political strategies.

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    We keep clients in front of technology disruption, whatever the source.

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    We provide a full suite of the most advanced digital tools.

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The latest tools in political technology allow us to reach decision makers and voters in surgically targeted ways that were previously impossible. But technology is only as good as the inputs that go into it.

Our leaders are career-long political professionals with extensive training in all of the tools of political advocacy. Many digital firms offer technical experience without the political chops. Many political consultants have the political pedigree without the technical expertise.

Strategic Partnership
NeptunE OPS &
IVC Media

Neptune Ops and IVC Media bring Northern, Southern, and Baja California together with a team of political, digital, and creative talent that has executed award-winning campaigns at the highest levels.

who we

Public Affairs Firms, Lobbylists, and Consultants

We serve as a white-labeled partner to public affairs firms, lobbyists, and consultants, allowing them to offer the latest in digital advocacy solutions to their clients.

Independent Expenditure Committees

We work with independent expenditure committees throughout the country to deploy the latest in digital advocacy solutions in their campaigns.

General Political Consultants

We white-label our digital services to general political consultants, allowing them to offer the most impactful political technology in their campaigns.

Organizations With Public Affairs Challenges

We use the latest in political technology to advocate for trade associations, non-profits, and businesses in Sacramento, Washington D.C., and state capitals throughout the country.

Ballot Initiative Committes

We work with ballot initiative committees to bring the highest-impact political technology to their campaigns.


We run B2B and other highly targeted digital campaigns for corporate clients where the stakes are high and key decision makers must be reached.


Bryan Miller


Bryan serves as President of Neptune Ops, overseeing all client work. He has served two U.S. Presidents and has over 30 years of experience in public affairs and campaigns. Bryan started in politics as a fundraiser and grassroots organizer for Clinton/Gore ’96, where he was the campaign’s youngest employee. He went on to form a successful fundraising group that helped congressional and local candidates win competitive races.  

From 2007-2008, Bryan was a member of Obama For America’s National Fundraising Committee. He later served in the Obama Administration as Senior Counsel at the U.S. Department of Energy where he worked on climate change legislation and implementing a $90 billion dollar clean technology package.

Bryan’s public affairs experience has included running the solar industry’s advocacy across the country. A leading political journalist wrote that under his leadership the industry’s “mastery of  guerilla tactics is awe-inspiring.” Fortune profiled how he is “radically changing” political advocacy through technology.

Bryan is a double graduate of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where he received his B.A. in political science and his J.D. He lives in Lafayette, California with his wife, dogs, and two college-aged daughters whenever they need their laundry done.

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Mathews Pierson

Mathews Pierson

Senior Advisor

Mathews is an adept navigator of the beltway political and industry landscape, with the chops of a political operative and the savvy to understand how complex businesses are built and managed. He has extensive campaign experience at all levels, including four presidential campaigns, three national conventions, and a Prime Minister’s campaign in Albania.

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Anna Borsos

Anna Borsos

Media Director and Head of AdTech

Anna began her career in political consulting, launching campaigns for candidates up and down the ballot. Since then, she has explored a range of industries, including national Trust & Safety programs, B2B energy efficiency initiatives, global climate change projects, and partnerships with Fortune 500 retailers. Her diverse experience keeps her on the pulse of cutting-edge technologies and provides her with a deep understanding of digital media's inner workings.

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Juan Hernández

Juan Hernández


Juan is a bilingual border baby with a talent for getting things done. For Neptune Ops, he designs and directs a team of creative talent to produce engaging content that makes the competition play catch-up. Juan graduated from Suffolk University. He lives in San Diego and oversees a creative team in Mexico.

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Nora Miller

Nora Miller

Head of Finance

Nora has more than 20 years of experience in operations, benefits, compensation and total rewards, risk management, emergency and succession planning, recruiting and hiring, sales, and employee relations. She has held Vice President and Director level positions in companies in the real estate, clean energy, law, and education sectors. She was also a partner in an executive search agency. Nora received her B.A. from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and holds a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) designation.

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Javier Inzunza

Javier Inzunza

Head of Design

Javier is a bilingual border baby who understands the art of implementation. For Neptune Ops, he pulls together the political, creative, and strategic parts of the campaign to deliver high-impact content. Javier graduated from San Diego State University and lives in Tijuana with his military-trained dog.

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Kendall Shain

Kendall Shain

Head of AI Production and Marketing

Kendall Shain is a dynamic AI and marketing professional with nearly a decade of experience, gaining her expertise at HubSpot and five years at a political digital marketing firm. For Neptune, Kendall dedicates herself to ensuring the team is using the latest in marketing and AI technologies to increase productivity and output. Her background in automation, AI solutions, and e-commerce consistently delivers exceptional results. Kendall lives in San Diego with her fiancé and their black lab, her running partner.

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On each episode of Nation State of Play, we explore the political forces driving public policy across California. We dig deep on federal and state topics to find out what politicians are doing, and most interestingly—why they’re doing it. We explore these topics with political insiders, advocates, and policy-makers themselves to get below the headlines, and show you the true forces shaping our nation state.

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