Traditional forms of political advertising are obsolete—both in precision and price.

Precision: With traditional advertising, you pick the media outlet (TV station, billboard, radio, website, etc.) and hope that the target sees your ad. In the process you waste countless dollars advertising to people who are not your targets. With the latest digital tools, we instead pick just your targets, and reach them wherever they are online.

Price: The latest forms of political advertising are not only far more precise, but they are much less expensive than traditional advertising, allowing you to stretch your advocacy and campaign budgets further than ever before.

40% of the voter file is wrong. We’ve fixed it. Learn more about how to turn this to your advantage.

The voter file is broken. On average, it lists 40% of people at the wrong address, and the percentages are much higher within some demographics and districts. This means millions of voters are left behind in most advertising, and countless dollars are wasted speaking to the wrong people.

Neptune instead uses a combination of digital data to reach your targets where they actually are–eliminating the waste, and providing you a huge competitive advantage in your campaign.

Polling no longer works. But there are more accurate alternatives.

Traditional polls cost tens of thousands of dollars but now routinely deliver results that are double digits off. 

Neptune supplements traditional polling with online insights to see what voters are actually doing online–not what they tell a pollster they’re going to do.